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Sutherland Youth Conference 2012

In 2011 a study commissioned by CVS North into the creation of a youth exchange programme highlighted the lack of opportunities available to young people in the area. It emerged from the consultation exercise that a desire existed amongst the young people to play a lead role in the creation of opportunities and activities for themselves.

As such the Sutherland Partnership in collaboration with CVS North and VGES is proposing a Sutherland wide Youth Conference to give young people the chance to discuss what opportunities they would like to develop in Sutherland.

With the help of the Sutherland Youth Forum and Youth Development Officers at Highlife Highland we have consulted with young people in Sutherland to find out if they would like the opportunity to get together and discuss what would make Sutherland a better place to live. The Consultation Report is available below and we are working with the Sutherland Youth Forum and Youth Development Officers in order to hold a Sutherland Youth Conference later this year.



Consultation Report

Sutherland Youth Conference Programme

Sutherland Youth Conference Report 2012