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Sutherland Partnership Biodiversity Group

The Sutherland Partnership Biodiversity Group (SPBG) was formed to write the Sutherland Biodiversity Action Plan which was launched in 2004. Still in operation today the group aim is to advance the cause of biodiversity in Sutherland by:

  • Facilitating community participation in environmental projects
  • Participating in the Highland Biodiversity Partnership
  • Sharing information on matters of environmental interest

Through the Sutherland Partnership the SPBG operates as a subsidiary forum.

Current projects

Review of the Sutherland Biodiversity Action Plan

The SPBG have secured funding in order to conduct a review of the Sutherland Biodiversity Action Plan. We have appointed a consultant in order to carry out the review and this will be available shortly.

Sutherland Biodiversity Action Plan

Sutherland Partnership Biodiversity Collection

In 2007 the Sutherland Partnership secured funding from SNH, The Highland Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise to produce a photographic resource celebrating the biodiversity within Sutherland. The photographs were taken by Ken Crossan  and Iain Sarjeant and are available to community groups for non-profit making purposes from the Sutherland Partnership. The images can be seen on information panels across the country.

Examples of the images can be found across this site and on our Facebook page. For more information contact Fiona Mackenzie on 01549 402 646 or

Past projects

Sutherland Partnership Environmental Fund 2009-2012

The Sutherland Partnership Environmental Fund was the second funding scheme administered by the Sutherland Partnership. This scheme was funded by Highland LEADER and SNH and was open to community groups who wanted to bring about projects which have environmental benefits. During this round the scheme distributed almost £36,000 to a wide variety of Sutherland projects.

Sutherland Partnership Biodiversity Fund 2005-2008

This funding scheme was administered by the Sutherland Partnership and distributed £15,000 to community projects across Sutherland during its lifetime. Projects included setting up video nestboxes, conducting wildlife audits and the establishment of wildlife habitats. The scheme was funded by LEADER +, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Highland Council.

Members of the SPBG come from local agencies and organisations:

Highland Council Ranger Service

Highland Council Biodiversity

Scottish Natural Heritage

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

West Sutherland Fisheries Trust

North Highland Forest Trust

Assynt Field Club

John Muir Trust

Forestry Commission Scotland

SPBG Publications

Sutherland Marine Audit: Pilot Study

Other relevant reading

Scourie revisited in the Naturalist No.4, May 2008

West Sutherland Elver Study, West Sutherland Fisheries Trust, May 2008

For more information about the SPBG and their activities please contact Fiona Mackenzie, Development Officer, Sutherland Partnership on 01549 402 646 or at

Buzzard on spruce
Photographer: Ken Crossan
Part of the Sutherland Partnership Biodiversity Collection
Buzzard on spruce
Photographer: Ken Crossan
Part of the Sutherland Partnership Biodiversity Collection