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Health Improvement in Sutherland

In most respects, living in Sutherland is healthier than living in almost any other environment in the UK.  We're not complacent, though!  The Sutherland Partnership, the community planning partnership for Sutherland, recognises that living in a super-rural area imposes its own stresses and strains.  During the past year, therefore, the Sutherland Partnership has been closely involved with SP Partner organisation NHS Highland to identify the key issues for health improvement in the area.  Click here to read our Sutherland Health Improvement Plan, which identifies Sutherland's five top-priority health improvement issues as:

(Seeking a) healthy lifestyle through physical activity; (Quality of) Food; local infrastructure provision; mental health; and substance (i.e. drugs and alcohol) abuse.

Work on the "infrastructure" topic will be progressed by existing Sutherland Partnership Forums, principally the Transport Group and the Community Development Forum.  Work on mental health and substance abuse issues will be progressed by Sutherland Partnership membership of the Sutherland Mental Health Group and the Drugs and Alcohol Forum.  A new Activities Subgroup has been set up, and it will produce a database of physical activity opportunities in Sutherland.  (Other group outputs will be posted on this website in due course.)  Click here to find links to some websites listing activity opportunities in Sutherland.

Sutherland is not immune to drug and alcohol abuse problems.  Do you live in Sutherland, or in Highland, and is your family affected by drug or alcohol issues?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Why not contact someone who has talk to you in confidence?  Click here for more information.