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Broadband Infrastructure

No one will argue about the importance of adequate broadband to everyone as we spend more and more time on line, whether shopping, doing business, banking or connecting with friends and family from around the world. However, broadband provision in rural areas is falling behind what is available in more populous areas. If Sutherland is to keep pace with the rest of the Highlands, Scotland and the UK, not to mention on a global level, we must have access to high speed broadband.

As highlighted in the Sutherland Development and Action Plan at 2.4.7 improved broadband infrastructure will allow web-based businesses to locate or develop in the area. However, it will also benefit existing businesses that will be able to provide a web based presence to their customers which will improve their profile and productivity.

HIE launched a consultation in the summer 2012 which the Sutherland Partnership along with many other organisations and individuals commented on. HIE will publish further details of the roll out of next generation broadband in the Highlands at the beginning of the year.

Our response to the HIE consultation is available to view here.

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