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Theme 7 Culture, heritage and the arts

Sutherland has a rich culture and heritage and a thriving, though relatively small- scale arts and crafts industry. Measures under this theme aim to build on the historical and pre-historic and cultural richness of the area, increase opportunities for learning and playing music, and support the arts and craft network. The potential to bring visiting artists, actors, musicians and craftspeople to Sutherland to learn, teach and inspire was highlighted as an opportunity with well-being as well as economic and employment benefits.

Development of a centre for Sutherland archives and the connected development of the Strathnaver heritage were identified as priorities under this theme.

A list of actions of the Development and Action Plan gives more details of the actions identified and those being carried out.

Current projects

Timespan Museum and Art Centre - have several innovative projects one of which is the Museum Without Walls project. This project uses digital technology to tell the story of the Strath of Kildonan through the development of the Strath of Kildonan Clearances Trail.

Useful links

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Timespan Museum and Art Centre

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