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Theme 6 Education, training and lifelong learning

The importance of access to locally-provided education and training was raised throughout the consultation. The provision of adult education through the Learning Centre Network and the increasing range and scope of courses available through UHI were highlighted as having potential to bring people to the area as well as enabling local young people to gain skills and knowledge while remaining in their own communities.  New developments under this theme relate to specialist provision such as a gaelic learning centre, development of forest and environmental skills and potential for varied residential courses to attract people to the area.

A list of actions of the Development and Action Plan gives more details of the actions identified and those being carried out.

Current projects

Timespan Museum Helmsdale
Run a Heritage Education Programme to engage young people in their heritage and culture. They provide resource packs for school groups, workshop scheme and providing information to visitors.


Useful links

Brora Learning Centre

Lairg Learning Centre

Assynt Learning Centre

North West Training Centre

University of the Highlands and Islands

Skills Development Scotland

Highland Council - Adult learning

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