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Theme 11 A voice for Sutherland and its people

This element of the Action Plan does not contain actions in the same sense as the rest of the Plan but rather highlights issues where representation of Sutherland's interests to policy makers is of significant importance. The list is not exhaustive and will be subject to regular updates as policy evolves and develops.

A list of actions of the Development and Action Plan gives more details of the actions identified and those being carried out.

Current projects

Sutherland Development and Action Plan
The Sutherland Partnership provides a forum for public agencies to work together with the community in order to plan and deliver better public services. The Sutherland Development and Action Plan lists key actions identified through a community consultation process. The Sutherland Partnership is monitoring and providing support in order to bring the actions within the Plan to fruition.

Sutherland Youth Conference
We are working with the Sutherland Youth Forum and High Life Highland Youth Development Officers to engage with and provide a opportunity to get together and discuss and find solutions for the issues that matter to them.


Sutherland Partnership is lobbying on high fuel prices in rural areas and improved broadband infrastructure for Sutherland.

Our consultation responses

As the local community planning partnership for Sutherland the Sutherland Partnership responded to the Scottish Government consultation on the Scottish Rural Development Programme 2007-2013. You can view our response here.

Useful links

Highland Council Ward Statistics - facts and figures for Sutherland

The Highland Compact - written agreement between the Highland Council and the voluntary sector

Community Council Scheme - strengthening the role of communities in decision making

If you would like further information or would like to comment on the Development and Action Plan please contact Fiona Mackenzie, Development Officer on 01549 402 646 or at